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Frequently asked questions

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the type of Advertisement and promotion that is delivered through online digital channels such as search engines, social media, websites, email and mobile apps. Using analytics and data mining campaigns are designed and implemented.

What Services do Digital Marketing Companies Offer?

Digital Marketing companies offer a plethora of services, starting from analysing your business to set goals, make strategies to fulfil those goals, to curating content and media for your online presence and lastly accessing key metrics from the conducted campaign.

What is the role of a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing Agencies play the primary role of creating and maintaining solid online presence for their client’s businesses, they make strategies to increase online visibility for the business, perform market research and work towards achieving other business goals such as lead conversion.

Why do Businesses Need Digital Marketing Services?

Every Business no matter how big or small needs Digital Marketing Services, As that is where the consumer’s attention and interest lies. According to Google marketing insights, 48% of consumers put up their inquiry on search engines, whereas others look up brand websites or search through mobile applications, this shows that having a presence on Digital channels is imperative to Businesses.

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The first step to getting the best Digital Marketing route for your brand is to choose the right Marketing Agency for your brand. Omm Digital Solution Pvt. Ltd. is the best marketing company in Kolkata and provides you with the best in class services.